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Tag Sale News: Yelp and the Acid House

It's gearing up to the full season and we're getting excited! (Don't forget to turn your clocks forward tonight.)

Gold Coast is now on Yelp: Gold Coast Tag Sales Yelp page. So please do check us out there. We're excited to get some reviews (and Yelp is a great site for reviewing because all the reviews are honest and Yelpers always know the best places to go). We use Yelp a lot at Gold Coast because we don't always know where to grab lunch when we're conducting a sale so it's especially nice for us to start representing the business there.

We went on a great appointment today (and booked the sale) so keep an eye out for us in Huntington on the 27th. Join the email notification group to get preview pictures and info about our sales before everyone else.

On our way to the appointment we were a few minutes early so we were killing time on Greenlawn Road when we caught a glimpse of a crazy pink (and yellow and blue) house.


We love it! Anyone ever seen it before?

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