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Tag Sale Fun: Lunch while out and about

Did you know we're completely obsessed with Bobby's Burger Palace here at Gold Coast Tag Sales? Any appointment, any excuse to head to Smithtown and we end up at Bobby's!


Eric wasn't with us and we debated: should we tell him where we were eating lunch?

(We texted him and received a sweet little expletive in response, haha!)

I confess that, despite the deliciousness, I often leave a bit over.


What are your favorite spots to grab food between tag sales?


  1. OMG! I was just telling my friend about the greatness of Bobby's Burger Palace :-) That sounds delicious right now!!!!!

  2. That's because it IS delicious right about now. And any time!!! (I am recently obsessed with getting the crunchburger with provolone. How about you?)


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