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Tag Sale News: Tagsellit's Tag Sale iPhone App

One thing we do a lot of here at Gold Coast is promoting. And one of the places we do that is on Tagsellit. And we just learned Tagsellit has an iPhone app!

This app shows you a map of your current location with pinpoints of all the sales near you that have been posted to the site. You click the pin and the date and basic information about the sale pops up and you click that to view more information about the sale. We think that's brilliant.

There aren't a ton of people posting their tag and garage sales on the site yet but this could be an amazing app as the site expands. Think of all the gas everyone could save by checking out the app instead of driving aimlessly around looking for sales. Think of the headache we could all save ourselves by never mucking through craigslist ads for sales again.

Think how amazing this app could be if they integrated a route planner where you could check off the sales you want to visit and get a handy list of driving directions from sale to sale that considers start/end times and the optimal order in which to drive to these sales.

Have any of you used this app? We'd love to hear from our customers on this. What do you think of it so far?


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