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Happy Holidays!

Big News over here at Gold Coast HQ! We've expanded to include a Silver Package, called Silver Tag Sales. This will be for our sales that are a little too small to be headed up by Ronnie. They're being run by Ali and Lara and the next Silver Tag Sale will be on January 6, 2012. Make sure you're signed up for Gold Coast and Silver Tag Sales (enter your email address in the sidebar).

And if that wasn't exciting enough:

Happy Holidays from the Gold Coast Team! We want to thank all of you for making 2011 such a successful year for Gold Coast Tag Sales. We hope you've all been enjoying your holiday season and that the New Year brings you lots of good luck and happiness. To celebrate, we'd like to offer all of you a coupon, redeemable at any of our sales through February 15, 2012. Our way of saying thanks!

Print this page and bring to a sale, save a copy on your mobile phone, or email and we'll attach the coupon for you to print!)


  1. Hi, you have to fix your coupon printing software. If you do as instructed and use "control P" and print it prints the whole 5 pages it prints the section to subscribe to the 'Silver" alerts, the large house picture, the recents posts line and so on.....
    I have used coupons from retailers and when you click to get the coupon it allows you to just print the B&W coupon and not all the "other Stuff" that is why the coupon is a in a seperate printing section. The way you have it now I might have just as easyly printed the page or screen. Hope this helps, it will help your customers not waste a bunch of paper and ink...

    1. Hi, Jim. Thanks so much for shopping at Gold Coast Tag Sales. We had instructions for how to print just the "coupon" (which is actually just a picture... you'll notice there's no UPC) but it was too complicated for most customers to follow.

      If anyone is unsure how to print just the "coupon" or just the first page, they can contact me at and I'll work through it with them. We chose Ctrl-P because it's the simplest way to make sure people can print it. More savvy internet users can right-click on the "coupon" and print it that way, choose to print the particular field of the coupon, etc.

      Unfortunately we don't have the resources that places like Walmart and Target have. Maybe one day! In the meantime, we're so glad to have all of you and want to give back the only way we're able. Happy Holidays!


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