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Working with Ronnie and her family was a pleasure.  They are truly professional and certainly know how to run a successful tag sale from start to finish.  They know their business and the client is the winner.  I want to thank them and would recommend them to anyone considering a tag sale in the future. 
Thanks again.
Dr. Joan August 2011
Gold Coast Tag Sales rocks!  Cars began arriving for our tag sale at 6:00 a.m. despite the snow that was falling. Ronnie and her staff had prepared our home (which we were still living in) with care and knowledge.  The traffic flow through the house was perfect, and we were as inconvenienced as little as possible through their meticulous efforts. By the time the doors opened at 10:00 a.m., there was a line of cars down our street.  Ronnie greeted everyone, many with personal greetings, as we realized that her following was quite large.  Throughout the day, we kept hearing Ronnie's friendly voice asking  who needed help, negotiating and directing.  She has a unique ability to close the deal even if someone was waivering. The flow of people was steady until 4:00 p.m. and 90% of everything for sale sold. Dollar wise, we earned double what my husband and I expected! Not only that, people are still ringing our door bell for goods thinking that the tag sale was still on!
Thanks to everyone at Gold Coast for a very successful sale!
Susan and Jack- January 2009


  1. Sorry this is a bit late in arriving but the feeling that Ronnie and her wonderful family left us with after working with them in January is wonderful. They were so professional and efficient, not to mention "honest". Ronnie picked up on jewelry I left amongst my costume items as 14K gold. These were two pieces I actually thought were costume and had she not told me about them I never would have known. Bottom line is that both items were sold for a total of $600.00... If anyone out there is thinking of having a tag sale, you need not look any further than "Gold Coast"

    Janet & Smitty, Formerly of Lake Grove, NY

  2. thank you guys for a great sale that was recently had at my house in dix hills charles t

    The anxiety and anticipation at the thought of moving was getting me physically ill. Ronnie came highly recommend by several people. She and Ali came over and spent time talking to me and calming me down. Then we went through years of belongings- the very thing that I was avoiding. Not only are they compassionate, but they are truly EXPERTS in what they do. I would have thrown away thousands of dollars in what I thought was “junk” if I did not call Gold Coast. Ronnie is so honest and fair and she went beyond all my expectations. If you want, the best go to the best- and Ronnie and Gold Coast are the best! Betty C.

  4. I have purchased many things from Gold Coast over the past year since discovering the amazing world of tag/estate sales. The most significant purchase was 2 paintings from a house in Great Neck that were the absolute perfect pieces for my home. Gold Coast's prices are very reasonable, and from my experience, they're willing to work with you on pricing. Most importantly they are easy and fun to do business with since they are nice people. Definitely visit Gold Coast sales!

  5. Ronnie and her team recently organized a tag-sale for us in Cold Spring Harbor and they were simply wonderful to work with. Ronnie and Alison were unflappable, even when I got one of the dates wrong and they had to do far more of the organizing than they should strictly have had to do. They took all of the stress out of the process. If I ever have to have another tag sale in this area, I'm not even talking to anyone else.

  6. I attended the Tag Sale at Syosset this morning seeking sports memorabilia. My number was 5. The first 10 people were let in. The person in front of me walked in and told the cashier that all the memorabilia was his. He did not even look at it in 3 seconds! I believe that he told someone ahead of time to set the material aside for him.This was a set-up! Even the person behind me commented that it smelled fishy. The people in front of us were regulars that have attended her sales along with myself. Imagine if someone walked in and said that hey, that table is mine! From my perspective this was a set-up for these 2 guys. Ronni maybe an honest person, but these items were set aside for these people. Not a nice thing to see and left a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. I am sorry you are disappointed. You are correct, a customer ahead of you purchased most of the sports memorabilia. If you were ahead of him you could have bought it all.
      I post pictures on my website of everything being sold at every tag sale, that is how he knew exactly what was available.
      We pride ourselves on never giving previews or pre-selling and everything in the pictures is always there for sale.
      There are no conspiracy theories here!!

    2. I was the person who purchased the sports memorabilia at Ronnie's sale. Nothing was set aside. In fact I walked past uniforms in the foyer to first look at the items on the table. Number 5 could have grabbed all the uniforms but chose instead to grouse about my purchase off the table. Since the sports items were a former major league ball player , I was willing to buy all the sports items on the table and was the first to ask for a price to purchase all of it. There were no games played here. First come first served and last time I checked number 3 goes ahead of number 5 on the wait list. Ronnie's sale was fair and square. Many times I have had a higher number on line and someone who arrived sooner than me got the first opportunity on something I wanted. That is just how it goes sometimes. Don't blame anyone else. Early bird gets the worm.

  7. Planning a tag sale---definitely call Gold Coast Tag Sales
    Ronnie and her entire staff were very professional and knowledgeable
    They did an amazing job---I had a great experience working with them

  8. Whether you are the seller or a buyer at one of the sales, you can always expect the finest treatment from Gold Coast. Ronnie and her staff are friendly, considerate and very, very professional. If you are planning to clear out a home, definitely call Gold Coast. And if you want to go to an exciting sale, we recommend that your first stop be at one run by Gold Coast. We've never been disappointed.
    (To the naysayers that have found things in disarray, blame the customers who create the mess, not Gold Coast.)

    1. Thanks so much John and Regina, you are both so sweet. It's always a pleasure to see you at my sale, hope to see you both this weekend!!

  9. The Gold Coast team just completed a very successful tag sale for our family with the results exceeding our expectations. Once given access to the house, the team promptly organized the contents and identified any valuables not already removed after many years of family member's searching. She has a wealth of local marketplace knowledge, understood our sensitivities and gave us realistic expectations. The sale was well organized with an abundance of customers generated by her local following and presence. All items were priced fairly to maximize sales volume and value recognition. Being engaged directly with the team and witnessing the sale, I was very impressed.

    Bob Forster Garden City, NY

  10. I went to a sale in merrick a couple of weekends ago run by gold coast and found it to be extremely well run. I purchased 3 items and feel like the price i negotiated was very fair . I would not hesitate to hire Gold Coast if i was having a sale . jeff L.

  11. Absolutely fantastic Ronnie at Goldcoast was an amazing professional who took care of my every need. I would wholeheartedly recommend her company to anyone interested in having a tag sale. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with somebody who is so caring and kind. I would definitely recommend her to anyone of my friends and Associates


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